Isle of Skye Workshop 2015.



We got up at around 6:15 am and got ready to head out for sunrise, our destination was the Quirang, A mountainous section of the Trotternish ridge up the North East coast of the Island. The Quirang is one of the most photographed spots on the island, owing to the huge vast dynamic landscape and ever changing conditions. There’s also a very famous and well shot little rowan tree that seems to be clinging on for dear life in a small gully (Martin loves this spot). The forecast was pretty dull but we knew it was worth the risk. We drove up and it was looking very bleak and miserable. Once we got up onto the ridge the weather rolled in hard, it was incredibly windy and the snow was coming down sideways. Thankfully there is a small gully (where the rowan tree is) that you can get down into for shelter, which also happens to be a very popular spot for photographs so we could get set up and wait out the bad weather. It didn’t take too long to pass and once it did there was a brief break to get the shots we had came for. Luckily everyone managed a few shots before the weather turned again. We put the cameras away and just went for a short walk along the ridge, taking in the scenery and having a good laugh at the weather. Dave still carried on, he basically refused to accept that the weather was bad and he did bag a couple of belters in amongst the snow and sleet. We headed back to the cars and set up a group shot on the ridge before we left. We drove back to the house via a quick half an hour stop at the Sligachan Bridge and then Jim rustled up a top drawer cooked breakfast, which was well received by all. A welcome addition to a wet and cold morning! We decided for the rest of Sunday to just stay around the house as it looked bleak all over the island, no point in driving for miles to not get the cameras out. Our decision to stay around the house paid off as for a brief 15/20 minutes right at sunset we had some fantastic light from behind the Cuillin range. We went for a wander out the back of the house towards the waterfall in the burn. Jake decided to have an impromptu lie down in the mud on the way up. We set up to take some photos from there and no sooner had we set everything up did a huge weather front roll in and soak everyone. Back to the house to dry off then 20 minutes later we went out again as it had cleared. Sunset approached and the sky just got better and better. Dark dramatic clouds with lovely golden light poking through. We stayed out and photographed the sunset then went back to the house to warm up. We got the log burner fired up then ordered a Chinese takeaway. After tea we set up our laptops and had a quick look at the photos from the day. Everyone was pretty tired so had a reasonably early night. We decided on our location for the morning and everyone set their alarms for around 6am.

 The Quirang23404286335_3a4417633c_oThe Gang at the Quirang

23323127082_b6dfdecb27_oMartin, Jake, Bob & Jonathan at the Sligachan Bridge

glencoelochan-3770Dave & Jonathan at Sligachan


This is actually Dave’s happy face!

glencoelochan-3754Sunset in the back garden – Sligachan

sligachan-3806 copySunset in the back garden – Sligachan


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